Happiness and the Whole Self – Love Everything

Let’s take beauty as an example and a starting place. The beauty of the teens and twenties may fade as it reaches into the fifties and sixties. I was amazed at the changes I observed in people who were beautiful back when we were in high school together. Now, at the fiftieth reunion of our graduating class, many had become unrecognizable.

Of course, that may well have included me. Some were still very handsome, but the majority of us, not so much after five decades.

If you were to identify with one single aspect of yourself, and that facet changed over the course of time such that you did not want to identify with it anymore, what then? Would you think less of yourself?

Unfortunately, that is the situation with many people. They pick out one or two aspects about their looks or personality and despise these. What happens when they do that? They are less than whole. They find some physical trait or personality characteristic that is less than they wish it to be. Therefore, they come to think, the entirety of me is unworthy.

But, you see, that need not be. Yes, there may be items about yourself that you would change or improve if you could. Perhaps we all have flaws. That does not, however, make you less of a individuation of The All There Is. There are very few things that are perfect in this universe.

For example, you would very seldom find a perfect sphere in nature. Even the rain drop as it falls from the cloud is not a perfect sphere. It is flattened on the top surface and flattened on its bottom surface. The top of a rain drop is flattened by the gravitational pull upon it. The bottom of a rain drop is flattened by the resistence that the air offers as the drop falls through space.

When examined closely, you would discover that a snow flake, as beautiful as it appears, with all its symmetry, is not without its flaws.

My point is – there is little that exists that is without blemish. Perfection is often sought, but never totally found. The same may be said about humans – every human.

If it is the case that we all have flaws, and it is true, then what are you looking for? A flawless you? Not going to be the case. So, why not love you the way you are? Not loving you the way you are is not going to change you. As matter of fact, those who study such things have determined that when you will not accept you as you are, you will have a more difficult time changing you.

Instead – love everything about you – imperfections and all. How do you do that? Simple. Find the One who truly accepts you. Look closely now for this may be a brand new concept for you. See how the Universe accepts you. The Universe does not pick out a blemish and say you are therefore unworthy of Its regard.

The Universe accepts you entirely as you are, whatever you have done or not done, said or not said, thought or not thought. There are no exceptions to this grand idea. You are accepted, totally unconditionally, just as you are right now. Whether you are in the bloom of youth or in the wrinkles of old age – you are accepted just as you are.

Yes, again, you may want to change. That’s fine and good. Sometimes even commendable. But not necessary to your acceptance. Now, then, if the Universe, The All There Is, welcomes you just as you are, who are you to say nay to yourself?

You are free to love yourself. It has been shown, again by those who study such things, that when you love yourself, all of yourself, you will have a far better chance of changing or improving that which you wish.

So, get to it. Love yourself. Accept yourself. All of you.

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Your Happiness and World Peace

One of the constant wishes of most human beings is simply to live in peace. As an extension of that fervent wish, these same folks wish for world peace. Some even go so far as to pray for it. They cast the blame for lack of world peace on God for not bringing it about – that is as they usually infer when they pray for the cessation of wars across the globe.

The fact is peace begins within you and me. I take my own responsibility for my own peace and my part of peace in the world. You need take responsibility for your own peace and your part in the world as well.

Surprisingly, or not, your inner peace comes from finding your inner happiness. When you discover that you are totally and unconditionally accepted by the Universe, you know happiness. For there is no greater feeling than knowing you are accepted just as you are in this moment.

When you know this acceptance, you know the peace that passes all understanding. From that happiness and peace you develop compassion and wisdom. From compassion and wisdom you wish to see noone and no thing in conflict. In other words, you wish everyone to be at peace. From this attitude you do your part to spread peace in the world.

You spread that peace by spreading the word about happiness and all its benefits: compassion, wisdom, peace, to name just a few. You have done, therefore, and are doing your part for world peace. When people are happy, there is seldom war involved in their lives. When folks are happy, there are fewer quarrels, even, than when they are unhappy.

Simply look at your own life to understand that this is true.

Look at any armed conflict and you will see at least two sides who are unhappy with what the other side is doing or saying. I know this is an over-simplification of armed conflicts, but it’s close enough for this blog (article). It is enough for now because I would have you understand the basics of your happiness and world peace. You can more add more detail later, if you wish.

When people are happy within themselves, they don’t go around picking fights. Again, look within to see the truth of this statement. Yes, yes, differences will always exist between persons and groups. No doubt. Those who are at peace within themselves have no need to act out, or project conflict into a situation as over against another.

Happy within may even produce compassion and, therefore, understanding of the other’s situation. With that understanding may come the opportunity to resolve the conflict in a peaceful way. You see, we all have the same problems and challenges deep within us. Compassion will show us those similarities.

Knowing the other is very much like you will help you to seek peace instead of conflict. After all, you wish to remain in a state of peace that you may enjoy your happiness. So, do you bit for world peace. Find internal and eternal happiness within. Using those eyes, discover compassion for the other. Use the wisdom you possess to help ward off any possible hostilities.

You will be doing your bit for world peace. If your life carries you further into the cessations of armed conflicts, so be it. You might do more than you ever thought possible in the field of peace in our time. Get to it.

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Broccoli and Happiness

When you were a kid, did one of your parents, say something like, “Clean your plate, there are starving people in China who do not have what you have. Eat.”

If you were like me when this happened, you wished you could ship your food to those other starving kids. I would have gladly shared my evening meal with them sometimes. Heck, I might have given them the whole thing.

Sometimes I stayed at the kitchen table until 8:00 P.M., until I had gagged down (literally) every morsel of food that had been on my plate. Even the broccoli. I hated broccoli. I still hate broccoli.

In other words, being grateful for broccoli was not in my vocabulary. How about yours?

However, being grateful is part of exterior happiness for yourself. You may not have been grateful for broccoli when you were younger, but being grateful for as many people, things and events as you possibly can be will increase your happiness barometer reading.

Grateful people are consistently happier people. I don’t know which comes first (as in chicken or egg), gratefulness or happiness. When you are truly happy on the inside, you will find yourself more grateful. When you are happy on the inside through a real relationship with The Source of All There Is (Tathis, for short), you will see the world and all in it through different eyes. Your close relationship with Tathis lets you know, and I mean know, you are totally accepted just the way you are – no conditions, no qualifications. There is no greater feeling than perceiving yourself totally accepted.

Happiness of the type I just described shifts your observation, then, of all of life. When testing anything against your internal experience of happiness, you now have a different set of tools to make an evaluation. It is as simple as being grumpy when dealing with children, for example, and verses being in a good mood. Your reactions may be entirely opposite in those two conditions.

So, being interiorly happy helps you see the outside world differently. While you may not be grateful, still, for broccoli if it is being spooned onto your plate, you may allow yourself to be grateful that broccoli exists for those (few?) who actually like it.

Then, chicken and egg style again, your gratefulness encourages you to be happy in your exterior life as well. You can come to appreciate what you do have. You could even come to appreciate and be grateful for what you don’t have, like a cold or a car accident.

When you will look for things, events and people for which to be grateful, your whole outlook changes. You are seeing more of the positive of life.

Being grateful can also help you take the time and effort to be glad that negatives things occur. When you take the attitude that all things can be turned into positives, you will be grateful, at least in a sense, for all things.

So, actually, happiness and broccoli do go together, when looked at through the eyes of gratitude. Get to it.

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This has been Dr. Robert Henry Schwenk, AKA drbob4u. You may reach me through comments or at drbob4u@gmail.com

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