Happiness Is Being Loved Unconditionally

What you are actually and really looking for when looking for happiness is unconditional love. Think on it. When you have love, authentically and unquestionably, you are the happiest you can possibly be.

Unconditionally love means you are totally supported just as you are. You have nothing to prove. You have nothing to gain. No matter what you do or don’t do, think or don’t think, say or not say, be or not be, you are still loved in a supreme way – beyond description and almost beyond comprehension.

And that is why this idea and reality is so often missed by the vast majority of people. We all have difficulty describing it to another that it might be passed along easily. And when someone tries to pass it along even in its simplest form, it is almost beyond comprehension.

Not because it is difficult but because it is so simple and ineffable. The entire Universe is based upon the principle and actuality of unconditional love, yet 99% of humanity misses it.

And it is almost incomprehensible because it is so widely available, that when heard about, 99% of the human population cannot or will not believe it to be.

Further, understanding and accepting that you are unconditionally loved will not necessarily bring you things. Though it will not necessarily not bring you things, either. Unconditional love is neutral in regards to things.

Things, items, are external to the person, whereas unconditional love is totally internal to you. Everything external to yourself can and will pass away. Happiness can never pass away from you when you do not allow it to through the realization of unconditional love.

Even in trying to explain unconditional love and its ramifications to you in this blog causes me consternation so that I may not get caught up in the tangle of my own words.

Simply, once again, you are loved unconditionally and forever just as you are – right now. When you accept this idea and know it in your very being, you will be happy beyond even your own understanding.

So many, the huge majority of persons, believe that there has to be strings attached somewhere. They feel that they have to conform to something or someone in order to be loved in order to be happy. They feel they have to follow the rules, imposed from some outside source, or the loved will be withheld. Therefore, of course, then, there is no happiness.

Search then diligently within your own soul and mind and accept for yourself this thought of unconditional love. It is yours for the grasping of it. You can grasp a small “amount” of this unconditional love and as you become more and more confident and adept in your grasp of this reality, you can get hold of larger and larger “amounts” until you are filled with happiness, until your Universe is filled with happiness.


I Am Not My Body Nor What It Craves

How do you feel about your body and what it craves? Many folks just cannot extricate themselves from their bodies. Yet we are each more than our bodies. Our bodies do not define us. We need to be clean and well groomed. But if that is all we are, then we have limited ourselves so very much.

Our bodies last for a time and then old age or disease or accident takes them. I do not wish to be morbid. However, death of the body is a fact for everyone.

Most people, when they give themselves a minute, wish for more than their bodies. We all want something to outlast our physical frame. Some want grand legacies that folks will remember for centuries to come. Some want simple gentle, memories in the minds of their loved ones. Some want some kind of immorality in-between the extremes.

That’s when we come to understand that we are spirit; we are soul. For literally the history of humankind, and the opportunity to think about it during that history, we have dreamed of living on after this bodily life. Humankind has discovered that we are each equipped with a spirit or a soul. (Of course, there are folks who disagree. You have to decide for yourself what you believe.) For those of us who do accept that we are spirit, we have found immortality.

The body also craves. It craves food. It craves creature comforts from cushions to land yachts. All for comfort’s sake. Nothing wrong, per se, with comfort. But, again, we all know comfort ends. So, we are not what our bodies crave, either. For the craving “runs out,” the days pass quickly and bodily life ends.

Life in and of the spirit need never end.

Just by the fact that you have lived, you shall never die.

Such is now demonstrate through science. Alfred North Whitehead, mathematician and philosopher, around the turn of 19th into the 20th century, proved that the farthest star must adjust its balance when a baby rattles it rattle on earth. Further, we now have demonstrated in quantum mechanics that thoughts have force and that force is felt throughout the universe.

What you do, think and say has universal and everlasting consequences. Yes, some consequences are bigger than others. The biggest consequence of all is what you are in spirit. For it is that spirit that connects with the entire Universe, now and for as long as the Universe endures. Long after the body is gone, what you are in spirit lives on. For if what you body does reverberates through the Universe, your spirit receives those vibrations over and over, like ripples on a pond, repeating upon themselves.

You get to relive, so to speak, everything you were and did. You get to improve upon the ripples you have cast in the past.

Can I prove to you that the spirit exists? No, I cannot. But you can. By looking beyond the body and its cravings and discovering what more there is to you than you perceive in and through the body.

Say it until it becomes part of your atoms: “I am not my body nor what it craves.” You can add: “I am spirit; I am soul.” The life of the spirit awaits you.

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Kindness Covers All

When was the last time you were deliberately kind? In western society this may never even come to consciousness as a question or in other form for male adults. It seems to me that we are just not taught kindness in our homes today. Because kindness can cover everything, you don’t even need to be political to affect a change in your world.

(You certainly can be politically minded and still be kind.)

But when we help other people be glad they are alive, by acts of kindness, we can feel significant satisfaction within ourselves. Likewise, when we are kind to ourselves we build ourselves up in legitimate ways. We make ourselves gladder to be alive. To help others and ourselves to be gladder to be alive, that may be the very best we can do with our lives. In other words, you’ll be happier.

The politics of the world may upset you. The rudeness of the check-out person, being cut off in traffic, having someone pull out in front of you when they ought to have stopped, the lack of respect from your kids or grand-kids, all these and many more can bring you down and help cause anger to build within you. What’s to be done?

As Gandhi might have said, be that which you would change the world into. Be kind. Return kindness for rudeness and carelessness. Remember, everybody else carries their own burdens and sports with their own demons.

I am not excusing rude or obnoxious behavior. Nor am I saying that ruthless politics should be accepted as the norm. I am saying, as an example, that rudeness met with rudeness usually simply escalates the situation. I don’t mean you need or ought to let someone roll over you. You need to stand up for who you and what your beliefs are. But meeting rudeness with kindness will often change the situation and move the persons involved in a new and better direction.

This won’t always work because you are dealing with sibling-humans who may not respond to kindness. But it is worth the try.

And that we must do – we must try. To make the world less glad is to commit a crime against humanity. To make yourself less glad is a crime against yourself. You need to try to add joy to the world. One of the ways joy is added to the world commences with kindness. No matter your own challenges, be they physical, emotional or spiritual, you can supply the world, and therefore yourself, with a little more kindness.

What does kindness cost you, anyway? It only costs a little forethought. Take the instant of time it requires to be mindful of your situation and interaction with others and yourself. You can begin to make a brand new and significant habit within your life by firing back kindness instead of rudeness. Discharging respect for disrespect. Enkindling gladness instead of sorrow.

Simplistic? Yes, I suppose so. One could see that and say that. However, the basic foundation stones of life are the simplest ideas and actions. Be the change – for yourself, definitely, and for your world.

Get to it.

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