I Am Not My Body Nor What It Craves

How do you feel about your body and what it craves? Many folks just cannot extricate themselves from their bodies. Yet we are each more than our bodies. Our bodies do not define us. We need to be clean and well groomed. But if that is all we are, then we have limited ourselves so very much.

Our bodies last for a time and then old age or disease or accident takes them. I do not wish to be morbid. However, death of the body is a fact for everyone.

Most people, when they give themselves a minute, wish for more than their bodies. We all want something to outlast our physical frame. Some want grand legacies that folks will remember for centuries to come. Some want simple gentle, memories in the minds of their loved ones. Some want some kind of immorality in-between the extremes.

That’s when we come to understand that we are spirit; we are soul. For literally the history of humankind, and the opportunity to think about it during that history, we have dreamed of living on after this bodily life. Humankind has discovered that we are each equipped with a spirit or a soul. (Of course, there are folks who disagree. You have to decide for yourself what you believe.) For those of us who do accept that we are spirit, we have found immortality.

The body also craves. It craves food. It craves creature comforts from cushions to land yachts. All for comfort’s sake. Nothing wrong, per se, with comfort. But, again, we all know comfort ends. So, we are not what our bodies crave, either. For the craving “runs out,” the days pass quickly and bodily life ends.

Life in and of the spirit need never end.

Just by the fact that you have lived, you shall never die.

Such is now demonstrate through science. Alfred North Whitehead, mathematician and philosopher, around the turn of 19th into the 20th century, proved that the farthest star must adjust its balance when a baby rattles it rattle on earth. Further, we now have demonstrated in quantum mechanics that thoughts have force and that force is felt throughout the universe.

What you do, think and say has universal and everlasting consequences. Yes, some consequences are bigger than others. The biggest consequence of all is what you are in spirit. For it is that spirit that connects with the entire Universe, now and for as long as the Universe endures. Long after the body is gone, what you are in spirit lives on. For if what you body does reverberates through the Universe, your spirit receives those vibrations over and over, like ripples on a pond, repeating upon themselves.

You get to relive, so to speak, everything you were and did. You get to improve upon the ripples you have cast in the past.

Can I prove to you that the spirit exists? No, I cannot. But you can. By looking beyond the body and its cravings and discovering what more there is to you than you perceive in and through the body.

Say it until it becomes part of your atoms: “I am not my body nor what it craves.” You can add: “I am spirit; I am soul.” The life of the spirit awaits you.

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Endless Possibilities

You have endless possibilities. From the Great Void, which the ancient Chinese called Wuji, comes those endless potentialities. The Great Void is One, complete and unconditional as it is. It needs nothing but has everything. Because it is One, from it is everything possible.

From the One came the two – Yang and Yin – because they could. Because it was possible that one could be two, it happened. The Yang and Yin, then, are the two poles of life. Opposite yet interwoven, separate yet having been born of the One, made manifest through two the One.

What does this have to do with you? Because you are of the One, and the Two are in your nature, you have endless possibilities. I believe you also have inexhaustible lives, reincarnations, in which to manifest as many potentialities as you wish as you grow toward enlightenment.

So, what you are now, you need not be tomorrow. The choice is always yours. I do not mean that you need despise yourself as you are now. You are perfect in this moment – perfectly human – totally accepted by the Great Void. Content, even, in this particle of time we call a moment.

But you can be anything that is possible for you in the succeeding moments of your life, presently, and in your reincarnations in the future. Because you are a child of the Great void, your inheritance is beyond comprehension. What you may yet be, may even be beyond your imagination.

This has ramifications for the present, however. You didn’t like today. It didn’t go well. You can change tomorrow by willing it so. The greater your will, the greater your perseverance, the more likely you are to see and be in a different tomorrow. You need not accept the status quo.

Many people say “It is what it is.” That’s a true sentiment as far as it goes. But if you believe there be nothing else than “what is,” you are doomed to repeat and repeat and repeat. If it’s snowing outside – that is as it is. Nothing can be done about that snow and the awful road conditions it may produce.

You can move away from a snowy climate to a more sunshine filled environment. You can change your tomorrow beginning today by willing a change in your life. You can begin to plan and save money for the transition. The greater your intention in this new direction, the greater your opportunities will be because of the One. All things are possible when you believe they are.

This same logic, I believe, can play a part in any area of your life. You make your life as it is because there are endless possibilities. You are part of the Great Void in which all “things” reside because it is One. Then, using the Yang and Yin which came out of the Great Void, you can redirect your life in the conscious direction you determine.

You must look into the Great Void and find what you are looking for. You need develop confidence in the Great Void – that it contains all possibilities – that you will develop what you want in your life. Life does not come “as is.” Life arrives out of the Great Void with all potentialities present and waiting.

Waiting for you to change how you live your life. Waiting for you to grasp and hold all possibilities.

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The Buddha Said Only Three Things Matter When All Is Said and Done

Can life be as simple as this? Only three things matter when all is said and done? I think that if I needed to grasp just three things, I could handle that. How about you?

The Buddha said these are the three things that matter. They are:

1. How much you loved,

2. How gently you lived,

3. How gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

Let’s take one at a time and see how we do together.

Love means, for me, that you encompass everything and everyone in good-will. You wish all good fortune. You wish no one harm. You work for the good of all. You work especially hard to help those closest to you to have good lives.

You try your hardest to make your love unconditional, no strings attached. (This does not mean you let people run all over you and call that love. That is self-destruction.) But as far as is possible be at peace and goodwill with everyone and everything.

It does then follow out of your unconditional love, which extends to yourself, by the way, that you live as gently as you can. What does that mean? I take it to mean you leave as little footprint as you can as you pass through this world and the lives of others.

Certainly your life can have major significance if you wish it. But it means such things as bullying, racism, sexism and ageism refit not
out of your ways. It means putting forth a conscious effort to be kind and considerate. This seems somehow counterintuitive, but it is not really. Going gently through life will ease your way through life.

Life is a series of events and encounters. Whenever you bump into something or someone, even if only psychologically, friction arises between the two bodies encountering each other. So, the more lubricant you have between the two entities encountering each other, the smoother, the gentler life will be for all involved. Courtesy toward all, if possible, is such a lubricant.

Letting go gracefully is the final element in the Buddha’s wisdom about the three things needful for a good life. This concept covers a great territory. You were not meant to have too much stress in your life. Let the unnecessary tension go.

Sometimes you get tangled up in relationships that become toxic or overbearing. Though it may be difficult for you, you need to detach yourself from such relationships. You were not meant to burden yourself with such poisonous encounters. I choose human relationships to bring to this writing because they are the most difficult to detach from. Such huge psychological complications can accrue in human kinships.

Nevertheless, there may come a time when you need to break way, literally or figuratively. At the very least, a certain detachment is appropriate because we are all separated by death at one time or another. If you have not faced up to this eventuality yet, you need to, for the sake of a happy life.

You may need and want to grieve at the loss of someone important in your life. That’s quite natural. But if you find yourself unable to let go, gracefully or not, you will suffer inordinately.

So, gracefully let go of everything that is not truly meant for you. The more graceful the better. Life is a series of encounters all of which eventually pass away. If you think these are morbid thoughts, you have not yet seen the joy of gracefully letting go.

And so life is this simple. Follow these three from the Buddha and your life will happier and easier than you imagined.

1. Love well,

2. Live gently,

3. Gracefully let go.

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