Happiness Is Being Loved Unconditionally

What you are actually and really looking for when looking for happiness is unconditional love. Think on it. When you have love, authentically and unquestionably, you are the happiest you can possibly be.

Unconditionally love means you are totally supported just as you are. You have nothing to prove. You have nothing to gain. No matter what you do or don’t do, think or don’t think, say or not say, be or not be, you are still loved in a supreme way – beyond description and almost beyond comprehension.

And that is why this idea and reality is so often missed by the vast majority of people. We all have difficulty describing it to another that it might be passed along easily. And when someone tries to pass it along even in its simplest form, it is almost beyond comprehension.

Not because it is difficult but because it is so simple and ineffable. The entire Universe is based upon the principle and actuality of unconditional love, yet 99% of humanity misses it.

And it is almost incomprehensible because it is so widely available, that when heard about, 99% of the human population cannot or will not believe it to be.

Further, understanding and accepting that you are unconditionally loved will not necessarily bring you things. Though it will not necessarily not bring you things, either. Unconditional love is neutral in regards to things.

Things, items, are external to the person, whereas unconditional love is totally internal to you. Everything external to yourself can and will pass away. Happiness can never pass away from you when you do not allow it to through the realization of unconditional love.

Even in trying to explain unconditional love and its ramifications to you in this blog causes me consternation so that I may not get caught up in the tangle of my own words.

Simply, once again, you are loved unconditionally and forever just as you are – right now. When you accept this idea and know it in your very being, you will be happy beyond even your own understanding.

So many, the huge majority of persons, believe that there has to be strings attached somewhere. They feel that they have to conform to something or someone in order to be loved in order to be happy. They feel they have to follow the rules, imposed from some outside source, or the loved will be withheld. Therefore, of course, then, there is no happiness.

Search then diligently within your own soul and mind and accept for yourself this thought of unconditional love. It is yours for the grasping of it. You can grasp a small “amount” of this unconditional love and as you become more and more confident and adept in your grasp of this reality, you can get hold of larger and larger “amounts” until you are filled with happiness, until your Universe is filled with happiness.


The Future Will Be As You Build It

I knew a person once who was offered a fully paid for college education. The person was enrolled in a significant university where the person could have studied any number of majors and probably gotten a decent job right after graduation. Such were the times for college grads.

The person turned down this free education. The consequence? Some two decades later this person still struggles to make ends meet. Still struggles to raise children who are not “deprived” of normal and regular childhoods. This person built their own future. One of the ways the future was built for this individual was because the person refused a perfectly good college education.

I realize that college education is not for everyone. I realize that a college education today does not guarantee a make-a-living job after graduation from university. I realize that other circumstances can put an individual in the position of having to struggle.

But I want you to realize that you build your future. The things you do and say every day now, are the building blocks of tomorrow. This may be so cliched that you are tempted to just let the whole idea drop off your consciousness. If you do that, you have placed another brick in the structure of your future – for good or ill.

Further, every thought you entertain constructs the infrastructure of your own future. Please notice I said “every thought you entertain.” Thoughts come unbidden into our consciousness. We cannot help that nor stop that streaming consciousness. To entertain a thought is to keep it alive after it has sparked into existence within your mind. To hang on to it. Only those thoughts which you harbor will fabricate your future for good or ill.

And your future will be built happy or sad – mostly depending on who you are today. Yes, we have shifted gears, a bit. Much of the above paragraphs are talking about doing or thinking. Here I am talking about being as a framework for your future.

A house is framed-in using wood poles of some dimension. (Steel is now used in some home construction today as the framing-in material.) Though I am still using words that refer to things – framing-in materials – I hope you will make the leap with me from things to being. Who you are now in terms of being someone, builds your future just as surely as deeds and thoughts.

What am I talking about? Well, let’s take the concept of compassion as one ingredient of your being. As you have compassion for those people and animals around you, even compassion for the environment in which you live, so you sew the seeds of compassion coming toward you in your future.

I believe the Universe is built in such a way that what you do and who you are is reciprocated in the future. (Sometimes this idea is listed as “karma.”) If this is so, and more people than I have said same, then you are building your future via every word and deed and thought and act of compassion.

Understand this and you’ll be on your way to developing the kind of future that you wish for.

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The Buddha Said Only Three Things Matter When All Is Said and Done

Can life be as simple as this? Only three things matter when all is said and done? I think that if I needed to grasp just three things, I could handle that. How about you?

The Buddha said these are the three things that matter. They are:

1. How much you loved,

2. How gently you lived,

3. How gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

Let’s take one at a time and see how we do together.

Love means, for me, that you encompass everything and everyone in good-will. You wish all good fortune. You wish no one harm. You work for the good of all. You work especially hard to help those closest to you to have good lives.

You try your hardest to make your love unconditional, no strings attached. (This does not mean you let people run all over you and call that love. That is self-destruction.) But as far as is possible be at peace and goodwill with everyone and everything.

It does then follow out of your unconditional love, which extends to yourself, by the way, that you live as gently as you can. What does that mean? I take it to mean you leave as little footprint as you can as you pass through this world and the lives of others.

Certainly your life can have major significance if you wish it. But it means such things as bullying, racism, sexism and ageism refit not
out of your ways. It means putting forth a conscious effort to be kind and considerate. This seems somehow counterintuitive, but it is not really. Going gently through life will ease your way through life.

Life is a series of events and encounters. Whenever you bump into something or someone, even if only psychologically, friction arises between the two bodies encountering each other. So, the more lubricant you have between the two entities encountering each other, the smoother, the gentler life will be for all involved. Courtesy toward all, if possible, is such a lubricant.

Letting go gracefully is the final element in the Buddha’s wisdom about the three things needful for a good life. This concept covers a great territory. You were not meant to have too much stress in your life. Let the unnecessary tension go.

Sometimes you get tangled up in relationships that become toxic or overbearing. Though it may be difficult for you, you need to detach yourself from such relationships. You were not meant to burden yourself with such poisonous encounters. I choose human relationships to bring to this writing because they are the most difficult to detach from. Such huge psychological complications can accrue in human kinships.

Nevertheless, there may come a time when you need to break way, literally or figuratively. At the very least, a certain detachment is appropriate because we are all separated by death at one time or another. If you have not faced up to this eventuality yet, you need to, for the sake of a happy life.

You may need and want to grieve at the loss of someone important in your life. That’s quite natural. But if you find yourself unable to let go, gracefully or not, you will suffer inordinately.

So, gracefully let go of everything that is not truly meant for you. The more graceful the better. Life is a series of encounters all of which eventually pass away. If you think these are morbid thoughts, you have not yet seen the joy of gracefully letting go.

And so life is this simple. Follow these three from the Buddha and your life will happier and easier than you imagined.

1. Love well,

2. Live gently,

3. Gracefully let go.

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