Where Happiness Is, There Will Happiness Come

When I was kid, I played in the brick surfaced, curbed streets in our neighborhood – Cleveland, Ohio. Traffic was light on that street so there was little danger. Furthermore each house had a tree-lawn between the sidewalk and the street. Staying on that tree-lawn while playing in the gutter was safer still.

I especially enjoyed the times after it had gently rained and there were river-lets of water running alongside the curb to the storm sewers. From sticks and other street-debris, I could construct little dams and have the water back up behind those mini-dams.

I could control the flow of water toward the storm drains. After six decades I still remember that fun.

There would be, of course, water on both sides of my dams, a greater amount piled up on the side from whence the water originated, a lesser amount on the drain side of the dam. I could increase the water flow toward the drains by opening the dam just a little be more. I could decrease the flow by making the dam bigger or stronger.

Happiness and the possession of it is something like the illustration of my childhood street dams. Happiness flows where it is already and the flow of that happiness can be increased or decreased with little effort on your part.

I could not have built my streets dams unless water was already flowing. Happiness is within your sight at this very moment. The “amount” of happiness you perceive that you have may seem small to you. Or it may seem huge, depending upon how you see your life. Seize that happiness within, no matter its size.

Happiness within will help you recognize that there is more happiness available. As if the dams of my childhood had consciousness and realized there was water on both sides.

How to increase your happiness? Simply by letting more happiness pour over or around the dam of your ego. By opening the water dam, or diverting the water around the dam, the amount of water on the down river side of the dam increases.

Your own ego is the dam in your life. Your ego says you already have enough happiness and you are not entitled to more. Or the ego says more happiness is not possible for you because of who you are.

You do not have to listen to your ego. You can find instead, within, that which is often named the soul. Your true soul, who you really are, can help you decrease the size of the dam that is holding back advanced happiness in your life.

The soul does this by recognizing that the ego is an invention made of many parts, not all of which are real or true.

Open your ego and let the happiness flow through to you in ever increasing volume.

This Has Been Dr. Robert Henry Schwenk, a.k.a. drobob4u. Comments are and question are welcomed.

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