I Am Not My Body Nor What It Craves

How do you feel about your body and what it craves? Many folks just cannot extricate themselves from their bodies. Yet we are each more than our bodies. Our bodies do not define us. We need to be clean and well groomed. But if that is all we are, then we have limited ourselves so very much.

Our bodies last for a time and then old age or disease or accident takes them. I do not wish to be morbid. However, death of the body is a fact for everyone.

Most people, when they give themselves a minute, wish for more than their bodies. We all want something to outlast our physical frame. Some want grand legacies that folks will remember for centuries to come. Some want simple gentle, memories in the minds of their loved ones. Some want some kind of immorality in-between the extremes.

That’s when we come to understand that we are spirit; we are soul. For literally the history of humankind, and the opportunity to think about it during that history, we have dreamed of living on after this bodily life. Humankind has discovered that we are each equipped with a spirit or a soul. (Of course, there are folks who disagree. You have to decide for yourself what you believe.) For those of us who do accept that we are spirit, we have found immortality.

The body also craves. It craves food. It craves creature comforts from cushions to land yachts. All for comfort’s sake. Nothing wrong, per se, with comfort. But, again, we all know comfort ends. So, we are not what our bodies crave, either. For the craving “runs out,” the days pass quickly and bodily life ends.

Life in and of the spirit need never end.

Just by the fact that you have lived, you shall never die.

Such is now demonstrate through science. Alfred North Whitehead, mathematician and philosopher, around the turn of 19th into the 20th century, proved that the farthest star must adjust its balance when a baby rattles it rattle on earth. Further, we now have demonstrated in quantum mechanics that thoughts have force and that force is felt throughout the universe.

What you do, think and say has universal and everlasting consequences. Yes, some consequences are bigger than others. The biggest consequence of all is what you are in spirit. For it is that spirit that connects with the entire Universe, now and for as long as the Universe endures. Long after the body is gone, what you are in spirit lives on. For if what you body does reverberates through the Universe, your spirit receives those vibrations over and over, like ripples on a pond, repeating upon themselves.

You get to relive, so to speak, everything you were and did. You get to improve upon the ripples you have cast in the past.

Can I prove to you that the spirit exists? No, I cannot. But you can. By looking beyond the body and its cravings and discovering what more there is to you than you perceive in and through the body.

Say it until it becomes part of your atoms: “I am not my body nor what it craves.” You can add: “I am spirit; I am soul.” The life of the spirit awaits you.

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