Happiness Is Being Loved Unconditionally

What you are actually and really looking for when looking for happiness is unconditional love. Think on it. When you have love, authentically and unquestionably, you are the happiest you can possibly be.

Unconditionally love means you are totally supported just as you are. You have nothing to prove. You have nothing to gain. No matter what you do or don’t do, think or don’t think, say or not say, be or not be, you are still loved in a supreme way – beyond description and almost beyond comprehension.

And that is why this idea and reality is so often missed by the vast majority of people. We all have difficulty describing it to another that it might be passed along easily. And when someone tries to pass it along even in its simplest form, it is almost beyond comprehension.

Not because it is difficult but because it is so simple and ineffable. The entire Universe is based upon the principle and actuality of unconditional love, yet 99% of humanity misses it.

And it is almost incomprehensible because it is so widely available, that when heard about, 99% of the human population cannot or will not believe it to be.

Further, understanding and accepting that you are unconditionally loved will not necessarily bring you things. Though it will not necessarily not bring you things, either. Unconditional love is neutral in regards to things.

Things, items, are external to the person, whereas unconditional love is totally internal to you. Everything external to yourself can and will pass away. Happiness can never pass away from you when you do not allow it to through the realization of unconditional love.

Even in trying to explain unconditional love and its ramifications to you in this blog causes me consternation so that I may not get caught up in the tangle of my own words.

Simply, once again, you are loved unconditionally and forever just as you are – right now. When you accept this idea and know it in your very being, you will be happy beyond even your own understanding.

So many, the huge majority of persons, believe that there has to be strings attached somewhere. They feel that they have to conform to something or someone in order to be loved in order to be happy. They feel they have to follow the rules, imposed from some outside source, or the loved will be withheld. Therefore, of course, then, there is no happiness.

Search then diligently within your own soul and mind and accept for yourself this thought of unconditional love. It is yours for the grasping of it. You can grasp a small “amount” of this unconditional love and as you become more and more confident and adept in your grasp of this reality, you can get hold of larger and larger “amounts” until you are filled with happiness, until your Universe is filled with happiness.


Memory Lost and Happiness

“When I forgot myself I was happy, I was safe, I was serene. Now that I have my memory back I am miserable.  I have woken up from my happy dream into a nightmare! Shall I never return to those happy days when my memory was lost?”

What haunts your days and nights? Why, it is memories. Recollections of places, events and people. Most of all you are haunted by the miscues and the mistakes that you have made. Maybe there was bullying or cruelty of some kind stuck there in the past to shadow over your present and make it very unpleasant.

What happens when you forget yourself? When you are so caught up in what is going on now that those memories have no power in the moment to haunt you? The answer, of course, is that you feel far happier. You have for a moment cast off the monkey of the past from your back and enjoy the present moment.

The past, however, clings to you like sticky honey. You turn around and there it is. Stealing your present time happiness with its shadows of doubts and misdeeds. Would that you could rid yourself of such specters. It can be done. Here’s how.

Detach yourself from the past. Live in this moment. Every time a thought about the past presents itself to you, say to yourself, “I live in this moment.”

The past may have very useful information for you. How to drive. What foods not to eat because you have an allergic reaction to them. What people to stave off because they are toxic to your system. So you don’t give up the past entirely. You don’t live as if it never happened.

You do live as if you live in this moment. Which thought could not be truer. This is the only moment that you really have. The past is now only a series of electronic trails in your mind. The more strongly you hold on to those electronic trails, the more power you give them to dominate the present moment.

Say to yourself, “I live in this moment. My memories are only that – just electronic trails in my mind.” When you do that enough times, you will make new pathways in your brain that are much more free of the past. “I live in this moment.”

When you have detached yourself from your past and live in this moment, then happiness of the exterior kind will flood into your consciousness. When you unburden yourself of past events and things and even, sometimes, people, you will find much more happiness. I call this exterior happiness because it has to do with that which is outside of you.

While exterior happiness is important and real for you, interior happiness is of greater significance. When you find and possess interior happiness you will know that you are accepted just as you are, no strings attached. In a sense you have detached from everything and become attached to The All There Is.

The All There Is does not care what your past was like. The All There Is never holds your past against you. It accepts you as you are – in this moment. Here, then, exterior and interior happiness intersect and you find both kinds of happiness. Total, unconditional acceptance in this moment is the highest form of happiness.

Lose the memories in terms of them haunting your waking minutes. Live in this moment through complete and utterly condition – less acceptance.

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