Dr. Bob (A.K.A. Dr. Robert Henry Schwenk) spent 40 years in the service of The All There Is, helping people fulfill their dreams and hopes, comforting them in times of trouble and loss.
Now, in retirement, he seeks to help people find their way to a better life by exploring topics surrounding happiness and meaning (as in the blog Happiness and Meaning), cordially passing on wisdom through a series of Zen-like sayings (as in the vlog The Zen of Dr. Bob), and showing how one person changed the world (as in the blog One Person Changed the World).

Dr. Bob’s education includes a bachelor’s degree from Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, a master’s from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D. C., a doctorate from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.

Dr. Bob is married with three children and seven grandchildren. His hobbies include writing, reading, videography, blogging, vlogging, keeping and breeding tropical fish. He resides in Norwalk, Ohio, USA.

Dr. Bob has published more than 300 videos on Youtube and more than 300 articles on Ezinearticles.com.

In addition he has published five books:
The Zen of Dr. Bob
Happiness – Inside and Out
Happier in Five Minutes and for the Rest of Your Life
You Deserve To…
Ishmael, The Mouse.


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