Sonar Is Useful Only As It Emits and Receives Bounce-Back

There is a very useful piece of naval equipment, it’s called sonar. Used under water in our oceans and lakes, etc., it finds objects that cannot be seen by the naked human eye.

It operates by sending out an energy wave. That sound wave bounces off a solid objective out there in the water. The sound that bounces is like “ping.” By measuring the rate of speed that emission takes to rebound from the unseen distant object back to its receiver can even very accurately estimate the distance between the two objects.

Sonar has become so sophisticated that it often ascertains the shape and size of the object being detected by the sonar. This is named echolocation. The term sonar derives from the following: so(und) na(vigation) r(anging).

What does this have to do with you and your happiness?

Your life ought to be this way. You need to be emitting something and receiving something. You need to give off happiness and you need to receive the signal back that happiness is yours.

You are not exactly like sonar: emitting a signal that bounces back to you as a direct reply. But you can see yourself as one who beams happiness into the world and knows that happiness comes to you from the Universe.

You discover that you have happiness when you make ever-ongoing contact with the All There Is, sometimes called the Universe. When you make and maintain a connection between yourself and the All There Is you discover something most wonderful.

You discover that you are completely accepted just as you are in this moment. This acceptance is sometimes named love. You are loved, eternally, unconditionally just as you are. You need not earn this acceptance. You can do nothing to separate yourself from the adoption.

When you know that you are totally and utterly accepted, you are liberated from all the cloying items and rules that others often demand of you. When you find yourself liberated from the demands of others, you know peace and contentment within yourself.

Even the All There Is demands nothing from you. You can be yourself – totally and utterly. When you feel accepted so much so that you can be yourself always, you know happiness. For there is no greater feeling of well-being than total acceptance.

Then to affirm this happiness – make it manifest in the world – you beam that happiness into the world by acts and words and thoughts of compassion. Compassion takes many forms. You can pick the ones you wish to use as beam-ways of your inner happiness.

When you are filled with happiness you just naturally gush that well-being. It overflows out of you and into the world that surrounds you. When you beam compassion into your world, you reaffirm the happiness you carry with you inside.

Like sonar you emit a signal into the world. That signal, compassion, helps you see over and over again what it means to be happy. You then continue to receive affirmation of the highest order from the All There Is. Through the connection you establish with the Universe at the soul level of your being, you feel acceptance also of the highest order. Signal out, signal back in again. Something like sonar.

Start beaming; starting feeling your grand acceptance.

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