Peak Experiences

He came to me down-in-the dumps. Call him Ralph. Life was just a drudgery for him. He had everything he needed. He had everyone he needed. Just couldn’t get his life, started again. Like a car engine that has lain idle for months, he was difficult to get started. The fact that he wanted a boost to get
started, said something positive about his character, however.

What he needed, I told him, was a peak experience. Yes, very much like climbing a mountain and taking in the breath-stealing view at the summit. Such views do something elating for the soul.

Peak experiences need not only be a physical climb. They can also be mental or spiritual climbs.

How much better do you feel after you have watched an inspiring personal story on TV? How much better do you feel when you have just come away from a fellowship group where you are really tuned into the others and they are tuned in to you?

I seek peak experiences.

Tell that to yourself until it becomes part of your DNA. (Yes, I believe it will actually be recorded there, in your DNA, when said enough and with enough concentration.)

Here are some physical peak experiences you might try:
 Hike to a vista that you cannot see from a road,
 Arise before the sun and watch the morning orb come up on a secluded beach,
 Arrange your loving family around a camp fire as you all watch the sun set.
 Work out to just a little beyond where you were physically just before this workout.

Here are some mental peak experiences you may find helpful:
● Reread you very most favorite novel,
● See an inspiring movie fit for the entire family (they’re out there),
● Enjoy a conversation with a person you really find fascinating.
● Develop your knowledge of a subject that really fascinates you.
● Begin mastering a new language.
● Read some genuinely good poetry.

Here are some spiritual peak experiences that will lift your soul:
□ Meditate
□ Mediate on all the good you find in your life (it’s there, just look for it),
□ Meditate on the connection you have with the Divine Consciousness.
□ Do a retreat with one of your favorite self development experts.
□ Study the great minds through videos on the Internet.
□ Write a poem.

Seek peak experiences. They will get your physical, mental and/or spiritual blood flowing at an accelerated pace. Contemplating and doing something new and exhilarating will lift you out of the doldrums. It certainly did for Ralph. He later told me that when he felt himself slipping back into stagnation, he redeployed his peak seeking strategies. He said it was so effective for him, that he made it a regular part of his daily conniving.

Repeat after me, “I seek peak experiences.” Do it now. Follow through with it as soon as it is possible. If you can do a mental or physical or spiritual peak experience now…what are you waiting for?

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