What I Do Is Not Who I Am – I Am What I Am

Some new phones and cameras come with built-in projectors. You take a picture or video first. Then rearrange the internal response of the phone or camera, and project that picture on to a wall. But the substance of what is projected is inside the phone or camera. Presto! Everyone can see what you have stored in your camera or phone and that you want to share.

This makes a great metaphor for you. You are not what you do. Take a professional football player, for example. He plays in front of national audiences, perhaps makes a lot of money. But one day he gets hurt in a game that changes his career. In fact, his career ends. Who is he then? He once played professional football and made a lot of money. Suddenly, like the next day, he is no longer a pro.

However, he still is a human being with an interior life. In other words, he still has thoughts, feelings and intelligence. Truly what he did astonishingly, rapidly changed. But he is still the same on the inside. What he did is not who he is. He is what he is.

What I do is not who I am – – I am what I am. (Says Popeye, the sailor man.)

I know all that sounds redundant. I phrase it this way to make a real point. You are not what you do. Because that can suddenly be taken from you in any number of ways. And if you depend only on what you do to define you are, then you are not being authentic. You can’t be.

Let’s look again at that camera that is also a projector. What’s the use of a camera that just takes pictures? None at all; unless it can also show those pictures in some way. So, what it appears to do on the outside, takes pictures as a camera, is really subordinate to what it can do as a projector, from the inside. What it is on the inside, in this case both a camera and projector, ultimately defines it.

What you are on the inside ultimately defines you. After you discover that you are an eternal son or daughter of the Universe, part and parcel of the Divine, you have a different outlook on who you really are.

Then you project into the physical world what you are on the inside. No matter how hard you may work to hide what you are on the inside, when you experience in the physical world and respond to that experience, you let others know who you really are. No matter how much effort you put into to saying, in one way or another, that you are what you do, who you really are on the inside becomes visible for all to see.

So, you’ve got to clean up your act on the inside by being in connection with the Divine through your spirit. Because who you are, really, on the inside, shows on the outside always and/or eventually.

Make this idea a part of your atoms by repeating it until is real for you. “What I do is not who I am – – I am what I am.”

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