From Being Stirs Doing

What and who are you? You do many roles. (Notice, please, I did not say, “you play many roles.” “Play” connotes to me that you are just acting, pretending. But you and I know that some roles you and I have are quite serious and there is no play-acting involved.)

Sometimes you do not want to do one of those roles hav many roles. Today, for example, you did not want to be the model employee. You were sick of your job and you wanted out of it. But you couldn’t because it puts food on the table and a kid or two through college.

What keeps you motivated to do the roles you need to do? Necessity. Fear. What if there were a better way to be motivated? Would you try that? I believe you would.

Let’s look at you, first. Who are you really? Now, hang on, we’re getting to motivation. Because who you are really on the inside, behind all the roles you do, is a core Being. You actually exist and thrive (or not) from the inside. Most people believe that outside events influence their motivation. This is to true to a limited degree. The actual motivation for all you do is from your Core. And the health of that Core is the real issue here.

So, when you discover who you really are, your Core, you use that energy to do what needs to be done in the physical world. And who are you at the Core? You are an integral component of the Meta Consciousness of the Universe. When you understand this, then you know your bliss.

When you know your bliss, you are motivated, under any outside circumstances, to do what you want to do to fulfill who you really are.

I put it this way: From Being Stirs Doing. You, as a needed and necessary integral component of the Universe, have found your being. From that being you are motivated to do in the world. (Almost said “act” instead of “do.” Again, “act” connotes for me a pretending, a play-act. Life is, most of the time, more serious than a farce or melodrama. Though there is constant humor in life.)

When you depend upon outer circumstances and events to make you do something, the only emotion that really arises is resentment. Resentment that you are being controlled from the outside. Nothing sweet comes from something sour. When you depend upon the Core at the center of your being where you have found your bliss, and beam that bliss into the world, as something you really want to do, happiness will be the result.

When you will make the life phrase “From Being Stirs Doing” part of your atoms by saying it as often as necessary, you will be motivated from your Core. From the essence of your being. Then you will find motivation for whatever it is you really are and, therefore, what you really want to do.

Start right this moment and repeat, “From Being Stirs Doing.” You may astound yourself with your foundational, motivational change.

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