Happiness and Believing in Self

Here begins a pleasant cycle, as opposed to a vicious circle. You need a little self-confidence to look for happiness. But as you use what self-confidence you have, and attach yourself to the Divine, you will gain more self-confidence, and so on in a pleasant cycle. You will develop a self perpetuating rhythm.

The more you find happiness through an attachment to the Divine, the greater will be the belief you have in yourself – self-confidence. The more you understand how much the Divine holds you in positive regard, the more readily you will able to connect yourself to the Divine. The more readily you connect with the Divine, the deeper your happiness will become. Do you see the cycling going on here?

So, how do you attach yourself to the Divine? First you need an idea as to what the Divine is like. The Divine is the conscious basis for the Universe. You might say the Universe is the Divine. But you must add the idea of consciousness to the Divine. The Universe has direct and positive regard for you.

In other words, the Divine accepts you just as you are – no strings or qualifications. Now this is often contrary to what is taught through many institutions and systems of thought in the world. Most of these systems say that you must do thus and such and or believe this and that or you cannot be accepted.

Nothing could further from the truth. You are accepted by the Universe just as you are. You cannot do or say or think anything that alienates you from the Divine. You may wish to follow certain laws and rules of society in order to get along well in society. Read that as not ending-up in jail or being executed.

But in terms of the Divine you are free. It is in this freedom you seek to become connected with the Universe. You become joined to the Universe by being in conscious linkage with the Divine. That conscious link is often called meditation. I say “often called meditation” because meditation can and does take many forms, some of which are not often even recognized as meditation.

Such practices as Tai Chi or Qigong are often called meditation in motion. Then there is “formal” meditation wherein you sit and concentrate on your breathing, for example. The main idea, however, is to quiet your mind and free it from all distractions so you can understand and come to feel that you are part of the Whole. That you are a portion of the Divine.

In meditation of whatever form, over time, you come to feel and understand your inseparable link to the Divine. In the deep linkage you will come to understand more and more that you are totally and unconditionally accepted by the Universe. As you recognize that acceptance as real and truly meant for you, your own self-confidence will grow.

It will mature because, in a very real sense, you can do no wrong. Once again, I caution you about breaking the local laws under which you presently live. This is definitely not a call to anarchy or selfish flaunting of local laws and rules.

It is a call to realize how much self confidence you can build over time while engaging in direct and lively relationship with the Divine. The Universe truly supports you in a moral and conscious way. All you need is to make and keep contact with It. Get to it.

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