Loose the Lock of Life

It may seem to you that your life is locked up. Nothing grows. Nothing changes toward the positive. Stuck in a rut are you.

There is a simple solution. First, see in your imagination that there is a padlock on your life. You are imprisoned behind this lock. Lack of happiness makes this steel bond upon your life. Struggle as mightily as you can you cannot get out from behind this fetter.

You are unhappy if you feel your life so incarcerated that you cannot move. How to get out of jail? Find and use happiness and you will loose the lock on your life.

I am not talking about the screaming for joy kind of elation that some folks give themselves when they have won the lottery. That is legitimate joy. I am not talking about the screaming in delight when your favorite sports team wins a really big game or match.

I am speaking about the quiet kind of every day feeling of well-being. A feeling that no matter what happens in your life you are all right. Simple to say and simple to get.

Here’s how. Make a direct connection with the Universe. Now, some folks will want to name this entity “God.” If that is your preference, fine. If that is not your preference, then perhaps you can call It the Universe. I often name It – The Source of All There Is. Or “Tathis” for short.

You see, in that connection is total, pure, unconditional acceptance of who you are. You cannot do or say or think anything that would alienate you from Tathis. When you feel yourself accepted, completely, just as you are, you know and possess well-being.

This is not screaming in delight or jumping for joy. This is quiet acceptance of who you are, knowing that you cannot do or say or think anything that will estrange you from the Universe.

This kind of happiness is the key that unlocks the latch that has been imprisoning you. This way you loose the lock of life.

That kind of happiness and freedom is obtained simply through meditation of some sort. I say “some sort” because there are many forms of meditation all of which are effective in helping you make the connection to Tathis and thereby find happiness for yourself.

In meditation you seek time alone with the Universe. In that alone time you will find, over time, your direct and eternal connection to Tathis. When you have found, examined, and made your own that golden light of total and unconditional acceptance, you will be happy – filled with well-being.

This connection usual takes some time. But when you feed into mediation on a regular and consistent basis, the connection will be made. Actually it will come almost automatically, no matter the form of meditation you use.

So, find a form of meditation that suits you best. You can scour the Internet or your local bricks and mortar bookstore. You may need to try a few different types of meditation until you find the one that is best for you. You may discover one that works for 10 or 12 months and then feel the need to shift to another. That is part of discovering what is optimal for you.

But practice meditation on an almost daily footing and you will soon find the happiness that unlocks your life. Begin today.

Comments and questions are most welcome.

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