Endless Possibilities

You have endless possibilities. From the Great Void, which the ancient Chinese called Wuji, comes those endless potentialities. The Great Void is One, complete and unconditional as it is. It needs nothing but has everything. Because it is One, from it is everything possible.

From the One came the two – Yang and Yin – because they could. Because it was possible that one could be two, it happened. The Yang and Yin, then, are the two poles of life. Opposite yet interwoven, separate yet having been born of the One, made manifest through two the One.

What does this have to do with you? Because you are of the One, and the Two are in your nature, you have endless possibilities. I believe you also have inexhaustible lives, reincarnations, in which to manifest as many potentialities as you wish as you grow toward enlightenment.

So, what you are now, you need not be tomorrow. The choice is always yours. I do not mean that you need despise yourself as you are now. You are perfect in this moment – perfectly human – totally accepted by the Great Void. Content, even, in this particle of time we call a moment.

But you can be anything that is possible for you in the succeeding moments of your life, presently, and in your reincarnations in the future. Because you are a child of the Great void, your inheritance is beyond comprehension. What you may yet be, may even be beyond your imagination.

This has ramifications for the present, however. You didn’t like today. It didn’t go well. You can change tomorrow by willing it so. The greater your will, the greater your perseverance, the more likely you are to see and be in a different tomorrow. You need not accept the status quo.

Many people say “It is what it is.” That’s a true sentiment as far as it goes. But if you believe there be nothing else than “what is,” you are doomed to repeat and repeat and repeat. If it’s snowing outside – that is as it is. Nothing can be done about that snow and the awful road conditions it may produce.

You can move away from a snowy climate to a more sunshine filled environment. You can change your tomorrow beginning today by willing a change in your life. You can begin to plan and save money for the transition. The greater your intention in this new direction, the greater your opportunities will be because of the One. All things are possible when you believe they are.

This same logic, I believe, can play a part in any area of your life. You make your life as it is because there are endless possibilities. You are part of the Great Void in which all “things” reside because it is One. Then, using the Yang and Yin which came out of the Great Void, you can redirect your life in the conscious direction you determine.

You must look into the Great Void and find what you are looking for. You need develop confidence in the Great Void – that it contains all possibilities – that you will develop what you want in your life. Life does not come “as is.” Life arrives out of the Great Void with all potentialities present and waiting.

Waiting for you to change how you live your life. Waiting for you to grasp and hold all possibilities.

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One thought on “Endless Possibilities

  1. Thank you for reading my post and most of all what a rich gift I received from you! I have enjoyed your writing. I have only recently comprehended the Great Void and the treasures it has to offer. It is a huge responsibility to reach out and direct the course of your life … I don’t know … I am excited at the possibilities but have not have summoned the courage yet to go full blast! I make little attempts and do succeed but it is the big stuff that overwhelms me. But after reading what you have written I feel motivated again.
    Thank you again!

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