You Don’t Need Heaven To Be Happy

More and more people are questioning the idea of heaven. Does it really exist? How come only certain people holding certain beliefs can get there? Is that fair to the rest of us? Am I doomed, then, to unhappiness in this life if I can’t get to heaven by conventional means?

I tell you that I believe you do not need heaven in your list of beliefs to be happy in this life. First, I don’t believe heaven exists as a physical place. As a consequence, I don’t believe that some people with certain beliefs will get to heaven and the rest of us will not. I believe that no one or group has a monopoly on getting to heaven. You cannot “good” your way into a paradise in the hereafter.

I do believe that there is life after the death of our physical bodies. I believe we dwell in a spiritual place where we replenish our souls before we are reincarnated back to earth or some other inhabitable planet in the Universe. In that place all is accepted and learned from – preparing for the next manifestation of your personality.

But all souls reside in this place of light and acceptance before returning to a physical life. I believe that our souls advance in learning and wisdom as the centuries and reincarnations roll by. Eventually we become so advanced, like the Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth, that we can choose to be an avatar of what we name God in a new incarnation. Or we can “retire” and lead other souls to advancement in that place between lives. (It is said that the Buddha, when he became enlightened, could look back upon 100,000 lives.)

In other words, we become happier and happier. But that happiness does not need to include a concept of heaven, or a belief in heaven. All is accepted by the Universe. You are totally and unconditionally accepted just as you are in this moment.

You discover this acceptance through some form of the meditative arts. As you learn to let your mind come to rest, make connection between yourself and The All There Is, you will become aware of the vast happiness that is there for you – in this life.

You need not find yourself and your life clouded over by unhappiness. Especially not the unhappiness of feeling that there is something wrong with you because you do not regard heaven as an essential belief in your life system of beliefs.

So, go merrily about your life, seeking to find happiness here and now through a connection with The All There Is. Relieve yourself of the anxiety of being bound for heaven or not. Relax. Enjoy the happiness that can be and is yours right now.

Thrive as if you mean it.

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