I Am Death – I Am Life

How many cells do you lose every day? Answer: about 300,000,000,000, that’s three hundred billion. So, in a manner of speaking, you are death. The flip side of this coin is that you are creating some 300,000,000,000 new cells each day. So, in a manner of speaking, you are life. So much so that every seven years you are almost a completely new person physiologically.

This is much deeper than physiology, however. Every time you develop a new habit, or drop an old habit, you have changed. Either something died or was born. Perhaps in the case of a new good habit replacing an old bad habit, something both died and was born at the same time.

Perhaps this is too obvious for you and you wonder what this has to do with you. You must realize that you are full of birthings and dyings. That you are either growing or decaying. The point is, which do you choose to align yourself with? Are you primarily life orprimarily death?

The attitude you choose will determine to a very large extend how you see the rest of your life. How you look at your life will very much determine how your life will be. Life and death are always present in your existence. You need to acknowledge that fact. But the attitude you feed will be the dominate attitude of your life.

If you provide more energy to death, that’s the kind of life you will have for yourself. When you supply life with energy on a conscious basis, you will be filled with life. Yes, I know, most never give this attitude thing a first thought, let alone a second thought. They just let living drift where it will in terms of life and death.

But you are not everyone – otherwise you would not be reading this blog. You want something more from life and living. You want the best for yourself. Therefore you seek ways and means of acquiring the best for yourself.

If a desert had will and consciousness, what do you suppose it would be doing with itself? From what it looks like, at least at superficial glance, it is a place of barrenness and death. A desert seems very inhospitable to most other forms of life, be they plant or animal. In other words, a desert seems to dwell on death as opposed to life. (I know that many deserts teem with life. A desert seems inhospitable when observed.)

On the other hand, a lush green valley seems to abound with life. There are trees and bushes and many other plants immediately visible. Hold still long enough and a green valley may show several forms of wild life. The observation of which is not hard to come by. By analogy, then, it seems that the valley favors life – promotes it even.

Thus it is with your life. Where do you funnel your life-energy? In life or in death? Yes, again, we all have life and death within and through us. The choice is always yours. What will you place your conscious energy into, life or death?

Your life will be barren if you believe and see your life as mostly death. Your life will flourish when you put your vigor into life. And, if it matters to you, you will be far ahead of the curve of the rest of the human species in that you are consciously cultivating life within yourself.

Thrive like you mean it.

If you would like to see the video of this blog post, please go to: http://youtu.be/LT805a7BNWo

Comments and questions are welcomed. Please use the “reply” section below. Or you can reach me at drbob4u@gmail.com

Paperback Version

Paperback Version

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