50th High School Class Reunion and Happiness

I have just recovered from my 50th high school class reunion. (Yes, I graduated in 1963.) It was another way of experiencing and realizing that happiness comes from within in the end, and in the beginning.

I went to the reunion hoping that people would talk to me. I was in the out-crowd back in those good old days. But it was still the same as I was in high school. Those who would talk to me then, acknowledge that I existed, talked to me during the two-day homecoming.

Those who would not give me the time of day back in those crazy days of high school, still didn’t bother to even look at their watches in preparation for updating me on the time. Immediately my ego began to feel sad and unwanted.

Even an old crush of mine came up to the table where I was handing out name tags and asked me about someone else. She, however, never said “Hello” to me directly or asked how I had been – nothing. Crestfallen was I.

Then, the next day, we were having our formal evening meal together, and I went up to a former classmate and told him how pleased I was to see him there. He had had an accident the day before and had broken some bones and could not make it to the first night’s activities. His wife came up to the table where we were taking and said nary a word to me – did not even smile and she was a former classmate as well. Instead she had some kind of nasty look upon her face.

Again, my ego got involved again and I felt cheerless. I was expecting to be validated from persons outside myself. I received some of that from former high school friends. But it was devastating to my high school self when it didn’t occur universally.

You and I are not going to find all the happiness we want and deserve from outside sources. True, lasting, validating happiness comes from within ourselves. From The All There Is, within you, you will find happiness that does not depend upon your ego to prop you up.

Just a little side note here: I combine the first letters of The All There Is to form the word “Tathis” as a shortened way of saying The All There Is.

The fact is the world will always disappoint, people will always disappoint until you find happiness within. This happiness within does not depend upon external persons or events or even things. Nothing wrong with having many people around you; nothing wrong with having things; nothing wrong with enjoying specific events. They will not bring your permanent happiness, however.

You develop that relationship with Tathis through the meditative arts. You find a deep, cosmic connection to Tathis. That universal connection is sometimes called total, unconditional acceptance of who and what you are in this moment. There is no greater happiness to be had than to know your complete, categorical acceptance.

Then no matter which high school reunion you attend, your happiness cannot be snatched away from you by people who just do not get the meaning of fellowship or friendship.

Find your happiness within and live as if you mean it.

For a video of this blog please see: http://youtu.be/cx8Dv_2qCmE

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Paperback Version

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