Kindness Covers All

When was the last time you were deliberately kind? In western society this may never even come to consciousness as a question or in other form for male adults. It seems to me that we are just not taught kindness in our homes today. Because kindness can cover everything, you don’t even need to be political to affect a change in your world.

(You certainly can be politically minded and still be kind.)

But when we help other people be glad they are alive, by acts of kindness, we can feel significant satisfaction within ourselves. Likewise, when we are kind to ourselves we build ourselves up in legitimate ways. We make ourselves gladder to be alive. To help others and ourselves to be gladder to be alive, that may be the very best we can do with our lives. In other words, you’ll be happier.

The politics of the world may upset you. The rudeness of the check-out person, being cut off in traffic, having someone pull out in front of you when they ought to have stopped, the lack of respect from your kids or grand-kids, all these and many more can bring you down and help cause anger to build within you. What’s to be done?

As Gandhi might have said, be that which you would change the world into. Be kind. Return kindness for rudeness and carelessness. Remember, everybody else carries their own burdens and sports with their own demons.

I am not excusing rude or obnoxious behavior. Nor am I saying that ruthless politics should be accepted as the norm. I am saying, as an example, that rudeness met with rudeness usually simply escalates the situation. I don’t mean you need or ought to let someone roll over you. You need to stand up for who you and what your beliefs are. But meeting rudeness with kindness will often change the situation and move the persons involved in a new and better direction.

This won’t always work because you are dealing with sibling-humans who may not respond to kindness. But it is worth the try.

And that we must do – we must try. To make the world less glad is to commit a crime against humanity. To make yourself less glad is a crime against yourself. You need to try to add joy to the world. One of the ways joy is added to the world commences with kindness. No matter your own challenges, be they physical, emotional or spiritual, you can supply the world, and therefore yourself, with a little more kindness.

What does kindness cost you, anyway? It only costs a little forethought. Take the instant of time it requires to be mindful of your situation and interaction with others and yourself. You can begin to make a brand new and significant habit within your life by firing back kindness instead of rudeness. Discharging respect for disrespect. Enkindling gladness instead of sorrow.

Simplistic? Yes, I suppose so. One could see that and say that. However, the basic foundation stones of life are the simplest ideas and actions. Be the change – for yourself, definitely, and for your world.

Get to it.

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