Facing Your Own Soul

There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. C.G. Jung

I have seen it and heard it time and time again. Persons came into my office for advice and counseling, wanting to change their lives. Yet they were not willing to face themselves in their own physic mirrors and do the hard work.

It is hard work. It is scary to face one’s own demons and then it is even more frightening to stand up to those demons and defeat them. But there is no happiness without coming to consciousness. There is no coming to consciousness without pain.

Why is there pain? Imagine a vehicle, car or pick-up truck driving down the highway at the speed limit. Now imagine that the driver of that vehicle needs to change direction, in the normal course of driving. So the driver tuns the steering wheel to change direction. Even a small change in course causes strain on the tires, both front and rear although the stress on the front tires is greater.

If the tires had physical feelings, there would be pain at the surface of those tires because they are being forced in a different direction. Tearing would occur at the surface of those tires as they are abraded across the asphalt or concrete of the road. Actual rupturing of molecules off the tire face occurs. In addition the sidewalls of the tires would strain. You can imagine that if these were your tissues there would be pain.

This illustrates what occurs when you try to change. You want to change direction. The strain on your psyche is great and that strain produces pain. We all seek, however, to avoid pain whenever possible. The greater the direction change, the greater the pain is likely to be.

Yet you must face the pain or nothing will change. You cannot bring light to your life unless you conquer the darkness in your life. You conquer that darkness by confronting it.

Why must the pain be endured? Because you must look into your own soul. That involves dredging up memories, confronting those memories and then deciding to live in this moment instead of in those memories.

What’s with the memories? Memories are where the darkness of your soul lives. All misdeeds and mistakes live in your memories. It is usually painful to revisit your errors and cruelties. You see again, and sometimes again and again, you being someone other than who you want to be.

But people will do almost anything to resist meeting these memories head-on. They will drink, do drugs, drift into excessive sex, lie to themselves, cheat on thei loved ones, do self-harm, and on the list could go.

In order to avoid these self-destructive behaviors, the pain of remembering and then deciding to live in this moment must be endured. There is no escape from the process.

But when the process is seen through, the rewards of living in this moment are great. Light floods your being. Your soul is liberated from your wrongdoing and wrong-thinking.

The instant you say and believe, “I did that, but I now live in this real moment,” light floods in. Getting to that point in your new life means you must look at what was and decide that is not you now. All darkness is then left behind and you are enlightened.

Facing your own soul is not an easy task, especially at the beginning of the effort. (It does get easier and easier as you have more and more practice at it.) When you have confronted your demons and conquered them, made your darkness conscious, become aware, then are your soul and self unbound.

Face your own soul through self psychic examination and be free.

For a video of this blog please see: http://youtu.be/0gtkqNk9_Uw

This has been Dr. Robert Henry Schwenk, AKA drbob4u. You may reach me through comments or at drbob4u@gmail.com

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Paperback Version

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