Your Happiness and World Peace

One of the constant wishes of most human beings is simply to live in peace. As an extension of that fervent wish, these same folks wish for world peace. Some even go so far as to pray for it. They cast the blame for lack of world peace on God for not bringing it about – that is as they usually infer when they pray for the cessation of wars across the globe.

The fact is peace begins within you and me. I take my own responsibility for my own peace and my part of peace in the world. You need take responsibility for your own peace and your part in the world as well.

Surprisingly, or not, your inner peace comes from finding your inner happiness. When you discover that you are totally and unconditionally accepted by the Universe, you know happiness. For there is no greater feeling than knowing you are accepted just as you are in this moment.

When you know this acceptance, you know the peace that passes all understanding. From that happiness and peace you develop compassion and wisdom. From compassion and wisdom you wish to see noone and no thing in conflict. In other words, you wish everyone to be at peace. From this attitude you do your part to spread peace in the world.

You spread that peace by spreading the word about happiness and all its benefits: compassion, wisdom, peace, to name just a few. You have done, therefore, and are doing your part for world peace. When people are happy, there is seldom war involved in their lives. When folks are happy, there are fewer quarrels, even, than when they are unhappy.

Simply look at your own life to understand that this is true.

Look at any armed conflict and you will see at least two sides who are unhappy with what the other side is doing or saying. I know this is an over-simplification of armed conflicts, but it’s close enough for this blog (article). It is enough for now because I would have you understand the basics of your happiness and world peace. You can more add more detail later, if you wish.

When people are happy within themselves, they don’t go around picking fights. Again, look within to see the truth of this statement. Yes, yes, differences will always exist between persons and groups. No doubt. Those who are at peace within themselves have no need to act out, or project conflict into a situation as over against another.

Happy within may even produce compassion and, therefore, understanding of the other’s situation. With that understanding may come the opportunity to resolve the conflict in a peaceful way. You see, we all have the same problems and challenges deep within us. Compassion will show us those similarities.

Knowing the other is very much like you will help you to seek peace instead of conflict. After all, you wish to remain in a state of peace that you may enjoy your happiness. So, do you bit for world peace. Find internal and eternal happiness within. Using those eyes, discover compassion for the other. Use the wisdom you possess to help ward off any possible hostilities.

You will be doing your bit for world peace. If your life carries you further into the cessations of armed conflicts, so be it. You might do more than you ever thought possible in the field of peace in our time. Get to it.

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