Broccoli and Happiness

When you were a kid, did one of your parents, say something like, “Clean your plate, there are starving people in China who do not have what you have. Eat.”

If you were like me when this happened, you wished you could ship your food to those other starving kids. I would have gladly shared my evening meal with them sometimes. Heck, I might have given them the whole thing.

Sometimes I stayed at the kitchen table until 8:00 P.M., until I had gagged down (literally) every morsel of food that had been on my plate. Even the broccoli. I hated broccoli. I still hate broccoli.

In other words, being grateful for broccoli was not in my vocabulary. How about yours?

However, being grateful is part of exterior happiness for yourself. You may not have been grateful for broccoli when you were younger, but being grateful for as many people, things and events as you possibly can be will increase your happiness barometer reading.

Grateful people are consistently happier people. I don’t know which comes first (as in chicken or egg), gratefulness or happiness. When you are truly happy on the inside, you will find yourself more grateful. When you are happy on the inside through a real relationship with The Source of All There Is (Tathis, for short), you will see the world and all in it through different eyes. Your close relationship with Tathis lets you know, and I mean know, you are totally accepted just the way you are – no conditions, no qualifications. There is no greater feeling than perceiving yourself totally accepted.

Happiness of the type I just described shifts your observation, then, of all of life. When testing anything against your internal experience of happiness, you now have a different set of tools to make an evaluation. It is as simple as being grumpy when dealing with children, for example, and verses being in a good mood. Your reactions may be entirely opposite in those two conditions.

So, being interiorly happy helps you see the outside world differently. While you may not be grateful, still, for broccoli if it is being spooned onto your plate, you may allow yourself to be grateful that broccoli exists for those (few?) who actually like it.

Then, chicken and egg style again, your gratefulness encourages you to be happy in your exterior life as well. You can come to appreciate what you do have. You could even come to appreciate and be grateful for what you don’t have, like a cold or a car accident.

When you will look for things, events and people for which to be grateful, your whole outlook changes. You are seeing more of the positive of life.

Being grateful can also help you take the time and effort to be glad that negatives things occur. When you take the attitude that all things can be turned into positives, you will be grateful, at least in a sense, for all things.

So, actually, happiness and broccoli do go together, when looked at through the eyes of gratitude. Get to it.

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